Bartali Eroe Silenzioso | Gino Bartali silent hero
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Gino Bartali silent hero

Gino Bartali
Silent Hero

In 2013 In 2013 Gino Bartali was declared “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem, the Israeli official commemorative organ of the Holocaust victims, for having saved more than 800 Jews during the Second World War. A story that he has never speak about for 70 years.

Taken from the book La cosa giusta by Antonio Ferrara (Coccole Books)
with Federica Molteni
directed by Carmen Pellegrinelli
stage design by Michele Eynard
still photographer Andrea Crupi – Spazio CAM
duration 60’
a Luna e GNAC Teatro production
with the support of
Coccole Books publishing house

About the story of Gino Bartali

Aged only 24, Gino Bartali is the personification of the heroic cycling of the Thirties. An absolute protagonist, he has a big dream: to win both the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France in the same year.

But history, through Fascism, changes his career forcefully and forever: his sporting life is bent to the will of the Duce, who sees in Gino Bartali the true ambassador of Fascism in the world… But Bartali wants nothing to do with that, and here starts a less well-known page of “Ginettaccio”’s life.

He decides to become a courier of the clandestine network organized by Elia Dalla Costa, Archbishop of Florence. His racing takes on a moral purpose, in the hope that the world will change and regain its meaning. This is a show that talks about Italy and Italians during Fascism, about the hardships of sport and the silence of the bravest actions.

About the life of a sports champion, but above all of a man who has chosen where to stand. The show recounts this story in an exciting and detailed way.

A story that Bartali has always kept hidden, because, as he said: “you must do good, but without talking about it. To talk about it is to spoil it.”


Federica Molteni
mobile: + 39. 3289079108
[email protected]